No Embarassing Profiles

No Embarassing Profiles

Forget those embarrassing online profiles that your friends, family and co-workers might come across!

Who really wants people they may know seeing their online dating profile or even hearing about it? Just because we aren't in our 20’s or 30’s doesn’t mean we still don’t enjoy going out and having FUN! No pressures of being out on a first date.. or even a date at all! In fact, most of the feedback we get is that our "nights out" were refreshing because of the drinks and conversations with new singles... and without ANY pressure of hooking up. We all know that the best relationships start with a friendship with NO pressure or expectations. That’s the natural way!

Online dating sites that prey on lonely men and women over 40 charge a lot of money and force you to complete lengthy and foolish questionnaires. Not to mention, the pictures you have to post with the hopes that you connect with someone enough for a first date. That is not what this site is about! If you are interested in receiving our next invite, please add your name and email to our database below so we can add you to our rapidly growing list of men and women!

No Embarassing Photos

No Embarassing Photos

Forget those embarrassing photos online that your friends, family and co-workers might come across!

What members and subscribers love about this site is the complete anonymity, come and go on your own terms! It is obvious why many don't like posting photos. Dating sites force you to have first dates that usually takes place at a restaurant over drinks. The odds are that a first date with someone you have never met in person will not turn out well. You very well may end up feeling extremely awkward because of all the wasted effort that went into it! The philosophy here is to put you immediately in that desired environment on your own terms. You would be surrounded by potential new connections with absolutely no pressure but merely to hang out... or as my good friend says, “window shopping” for single people.

What else is nice about the way this is done is that our nights out will be places that most of you have been to before or at least have heard of. We choose locations that have atmosphere, music and existing clientele that is popular among our age group. Why you happen to be in the established place is your business only, no one will feel like a "fish out of water".

No Questionnaires

No Questionaires

Forget those 20 minute online dating questionnaires! Who wants to type all that stuff in anyways? And in addition, let some online service invade your privacy!

The best part is that we will not send an invite unless we are certain that no less than 50 of you have accepted the invitation with an equal ratio of men and women! Simply put, no invitations will go out until we can guarantee at least 20 single men and 20 single women. In order to cover the costs it will take to build and maintain this database, a small $25 fee to receive the invite will apply. It will be fully refundable if you attend and there are not at least 20 women and 20 men that appear to be in your age group.

No Online Dating Stigma

No Online Dating Stigma

How do you feel when you're on these online dating sites? Humiliated, Embarrassed, Ashamed, Non-Competitive? Even worse, how about when people see you out and know you are that "online dater"?

Who hasn’t paid a cover charge to a night club, bar or party before? Especially one where there is the potential to meet someone you like! We are not trying to "make a profit" or "get rich" by any means from these efforts. We are merely trying to provide a fun night out in where you may find someone you have chemistry with. All without the stigma and costs associated with dating sites. After all, chemistry starts with that first hello so why not do it on your terms!


If you are in your forties or fifties like us (I am a 44 year old woman, and my co-creator of this service is a 53 year old man), you may start noticing "something".


My favorite bartender at Pasta Villa pointed this "something" out to me awhile back while we were both enjoying Billy Joel's “Piano Man” playing over the speakers. He said, “Take a look around at how young the crowd is in here tonight. I bet most of them weren't even born when this song came out or even know who Billy Joel is!” He then jokingly pointed out how there are way more of them than us. By "them", he meant the 20 something crowd, or people under age 40 for that matter. It is true, like it or not, that men and women over the age of 40 are extremely limited when it comes to gathering places. These spots are not enjoyable enough to hangout in for any length of time without feeling “old”. In fact, one of the biggest social fears of single men and women over forty is that they will be out some night having drinks, hoping to meet someone interesting enough to hang out with, only to feel awkward because the only people that they know happen to be friends of their sons or daughters!

This happened to me once and it kept me from going out for drinks for MONTHS. This is why nights out once you turn 40+ are often short lived due to the lack of people out there to connect with. Lets face it, NOBODY likes feeling old! It is also true that there are more single men and women over 40 now than EVER before with the divorce rate as high as it is. We know you are out there and we are going to try and bring as many of us together as possible. Having said that, let me also emphasize that we not only consider ourselves fun and outgoing, but still relatively young!

So, we decided to start this site to try and round up as many of us as possible. We've had similar experiences and would look forward to a night out consisting mainly of men and women in our age group, and so far IT IS WORKING! Our nights out will give you a much better chance of having fun and meeting people that you enjoy hanging out with as opposed to simply going out to a random spot. What people like the most about our nights out is that each person that receives an invite is the only person that knows as our guests can remain completely anonymous. You stay for as little or as long as you want to. The best nights out are always on your own terms.

It is our pleasure (and job) to pack the place. If you attend any of our nights out and throughout the night there are not at least 20 men and 20 women in our age group, than we will refund the invitation fee no questions asked. This is how confident we are that this service works! It is that simple...

These "nights out" are generally 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM Midnight. We know how important a good social life and healthy lifestyle is to singles in our age group. Staying socially active is as important as eating right. One of our fun nights out can be just what the doctor ordered! Thanks for checking this site out and I hope you decide to join the Fifties Are The New Forties movement!

Blind Date

This is unlike an online dating site which is basically an expensive form of blind dating. Most people know that 8+ out of 10 blind dates end up a disaster.

You can attend our events and remain anonymous!

Our objective here at FiftiesAreTheNewForties.Com is to put YOU in the driver's seat... no embarrassing profiles, no questionnaires and never a worry about a bad date! It is a convenient and subtle way to meet single people in your age group and keep your dignity. In a nutshell, there is never a bad date. The decision process is made after you've already met and have "chemistry".

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